Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wet Wednesday

Andrew left this morning for a month in Mozambique. Even though I don't live with him anymore, I still miss him more when he is gone overseas.

Today has been sort of a drab day. It's rainy and wet out, and I am not feeling well. I think I have a fever, I have no appetite, and an incredibly sore throat. Philip and my parents have done an amazing job of keeping Keenan occupied so that I can rest.

It's so nice when we are able to visit here long enough for Keenan to get really comfortable with everyone. He has had Such a good time playing with my parents this trip. I think they've really enjoyed it too. =)

Here he is playing with my dad:

We are all getting together at Rob and Ada's tonight, for one more hoopla before Philip and I head back to Michigan tomorrow.

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