Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Philip played on the doctor's team in a softball tournament on base today with several other teams from the medical group. They did really well, and ended up playing five games!

Keenan busied himself with climbing the bleachers for most of the first game

Waiting to play

Philip (on the left) and the rest of his team

Philip and Matt with Keenan and William

Throwing the ball to second, he was playing shortstop
(I love this one)

Silly face

Philip's fan club

Philip and Rob chatting on first base

Running for third base in their second and final game in the winner's bracket against the Nurses (the defending champions). They beat radiology in the first game and then lost to the Nurses before beating Lab/Pharmacy and Logistics in the looser's bracket. They finally fell again and were eliminated from the tournament by Bio-environmental and ended up with a 3-2 record and fourth place finish out of nine teams.

Sleepy boy

Philip explaining the game to Keenan =)

Since Jodi's husband, Cliff was on call today and Philip was playing ball, she met Keenan and I for lunch. We ate at Giuseppi's Wharf, a really cool waterfront restaurant near us that just reopened in their brand new facility after hurricane damage.

This is a picture of the restaurant I took the other day

The view from our table
(If you look closely in the middle of the picture, just above the trees, you'll see a fighter in the air)

Us in front of the boat docks


Anonymous said...

I had a great time at lunch. So glad we could get together! See you in a couple of days.


Mom W. said...

In answer to your question about the weather up in the cold north, well, the snow is finally really going away... Yay! The birds are singing. So glad, love, Mom