Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring, huh?

Well, the 3 to 6 inches of snow we were supposed to get quickly turned into 6 to 10 inches as the evening went on...

This is when it first started snowing...

...and this is how it looked this morning!

We sure know how to pick a good time to visit from Florida!! =0)

It was snowing a lot on our way to Northville last night and the road conditions got increasingly worse. We got there safely though, and had a great visit with Anthony (along with some fantastic homemade chicken noodle soup - perfect for a snowy night!) Keenan

Sure don't miss this kind of driving...

Keenan taking a nap on the way

Keenan was Delighted to see Bella, but she wasn't so happy to see him =)

Today Philip is finishing up his exam and I'm trying to collect our stuff from All over the house (and all three floors), and get it to fit back into our bags!!

When he gets back, we'll drive to Dayton and spend the night in a hotel. Our flight leaves at 8:30(ish) a.m.

I will probably not be blogging again until we are back home in sunny FL.

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