Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday stuff

This morning, Sarah and I took Della and Keenan to have pictures done. MOPS in Mary Esther was doing a fundraiser with "Antiquities Photography". They do the old fashioned, sepia pictures of little kids. It was only $10 for an 8x10, so we thought we'd give it a try. They supply clothes to put the babies in, and the poses were really cute, but Keenan didn't smile for one picture! I think he was too overwhelmed with everything that was going on. He was one serious little cowboy... =)

This afternoon we went out and got Keenan some birthday presents, and then picked up a smoothie on our way to Turkey Creek for a walk. The weather has been Gorgeous today (almost 70). Sorry Cheryl and Kristin!

Already an addict...
(Fortunately fruit smoothies aren't a bad thing to be addicted to)

"That's good stuff!"

My handsome dudes

Us on the bridge

Keenan pushing the stroller with a little help from Daddy

We thought this (whatever it is) was really cool, growing right out of the side of a tree!
(It doesn't look like the rest of the tree, so it's not just a sprout, I think it's actually a totally different plant that has somehow got under the bark!)

Random note: Keenan wore holes through the knees of a pair of pants for the first time today!


Anonymous said...

we must have brought the cold weather back with us lol. it hasnt stoped snowing since we got off the plane! Kristin

Shambach's said...

That Antiquities picture stuff sounds like a really cute idea. You'll have to show us how it turned out! :-) Even if the cowboy wasn't happy! Haha.

Anonymous said...

Our MOPS group does antiquities every year and they turn out really well. I wasn't able to participate this year, but I heard they were the best yet. Keenan is so handsome, he doesn't have to smile to be cute! :-)

Love, Mom E.