Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Sweet Southern neighbors

Keenan and I just went over to see Frank and Myrtle. I like to take him over there on nice days, since their grass is so much better for him to crawl in than anything we have growing over here. We sat on their back porch and had cookies and some of Myrtle's iced tea (best I've ever had). She even brought out a tiny glass of it for Keenan! =)

It's Such a blessing having them so close. They adore Keenan, and he loves them right back!

Some of their beautiful, sweet smelling honeysuckle

Pondering life and the beautiful day

A stick to chew on is always a great find...

Keenan's "Neighborhood Grandparents"
(notice how well they all match?)
Having a cookie with Myrtle

...and another one with Frank (while wearing his hat)

"These boots were made for walkin'.."
(However, they weight about 20 lbs each, and he wasn't going anywhere! Kinda wish I had a pair of those at home...)

I think he's "smoking his stick" here

Sittin' on the boots


Mom W. said...

Grandma W. loves those videos... mmmmmm mmmmmmm. = )

Flakymn said...

That book picture is GREAT!

Flakymn said...

Oh and thanks for the email with all the advice. It was GREAT!