Friday, March 14, 2008

More flowers from our yard... and other random stuff

I've decided that the former owner of our house must have had Some plan in her head when she planted so many random things everywhere in the yard. One thing's for sure, she made sure that there was at least one thing blooming All the time! =) Right now we have all of these...

(If you've never been to our house, you might think that, with all of these things blooming in our yard at the same time, it must look Really nice! But.... not so much. These five things are hidden all over the yard, each on a fairly small bush, so it really doesn't add a whole lot to the over all appearance of our yard. Oh well, they are each, in and of themselves, nice to have around. =)

Here's Keenan "helping" me get ready for our trip:

"Hey, I don't have to travel in here, do I?"

Surprisingly, I've been able to dig out quite a few warm clothes to take for Keenan. It's soo awesome having so many clothes stored away to choose from! =)

I decided that, since Keenan is definitely not going to want to sit in the stroller the whole time we're at airports, I'd better be prepared for him to walk around (since I sure don't want him Crawling on those floors!) So... he has now graduated to "big boy" shoes (since crocs in the winter would be a little silly...). I'm having him practice wearing them today so he'll be a pro at getting around in them by the time he needs them tomorrow.

"What is with these clunky things on my feet??"

Here's a couple short videos of Keenan:

#1. Him dancing to his musical Shrek birthday card from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Matt.
#2. His "jack in the box" aka "Keenan in the suitcase" trick.


Anonymous said...

oh yayyyyyyyyyyyy! I am so glad he likes the song. I hope it makes up for the fact that it was late!! =) Hope you guys have an awesome trip. Love you! U.M, A.J, R and H

Loree Arrington said...

Hey Joia!

Pictures 1, 3, 4, & 5 are azaleas, and you're right, they make a much bigger impact when they're in bunches of the same color. You should see them wild in the woods!

Picture 2 is oxalis, or wild shamrocks.

Picture 6 are wild blackberry briars. Be careful - they bite, but the berries in the summer are good.

If you already knew that, I'm sorry. I just didn't know if they had the same plants in Canada as here.

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

To Loree: I had no clue what the flowers were, so thanks for the explanation! :-) They sure are beautiful.

To Joia: it looks like there's 2 videos & I can't access the first one. It is just black on my 'puter; but I can access the 2nd one where Keenan is dancing.