Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making Donuts, etc...

My younger brother, Andrew, and I have always been the two kids in our family who most like baking, so today we decided to make a batch of donuts.

Keenan and Andrew

The bakers

Rolling out the dough

The donuts frying

All baked and hot

Andrew putting glaze on

Me dipping chocolate ones

Mmmm... the finished product

I'm putting this picture on, just because everyone thought I wouldn't =)

The whole family came over for spaghetti tonight... it's so much fun being all together!

Keenan "welcoming" Kyla

Philip with an armful

Our whole gang


Shambach's said...
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Anonymous said...

I would kill for one of those donuts right now. Yes, I agree...recipe please! Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Look out Hallmark and Dunkin' Donuts!

O.K., so you can sell your donuts in the card shop you open selling your "enJoiable" cards! You could call it Dunkin' Dooley's.....or Hall-Dunk....or EnJoia-Dunk....just think of all the possibilities! LOL.