Sunday, March 16, 2008

Loooooong day

So... obviously I didn't get blogging last night. That's because we weren't Here until after midnight! Our travel "plans" (that's such a humorous concept, isn't it?) didn't go quite as expected...

After driving to Tallahassee, parking our car at someone's house, and catching a cab to the airport, our flight was 30 minutes late getting in from Atlanta. Then we boarded, and it got even more fun! =)

First we were delayed 30 minutes because the plane was overweight. They bumped several people off to another flight.
Then it was delayed another 10 minutes because there was no ground crew at the gate to get those people's luggage off.
The (40 min) flight went well and Keenan slept the whole time.

Finally we made it to Atlanta, grabbed some lunch and found out that our flight to Dayton was delayed 15 minutes, due to our Atlanta flight being late.
After that, it was delayed another hour because a seal on the door needed to be replaced.
Once we boarded, we were delayed another our and a half at the gate (due to rain, hail and lightning that kept the ground crews inside) and another 30 min on the taxiways (since there was about 20 flights ahead of us waiting for take off.
Keenan was So good this entire time, even though he was exhausted. We played peek a boo with his blanket, played with every toy in his bag, I bounced him on my lap, he grabbed the newspaper of the man next to us (who was very nice and understanding), we sang songs, listened to the different rings on my cell phone, "read" all of the safety brochures, hid Bunny in a barf bag, played with the zipper on Philip's sweatshirt, etc..

A sad note about our flight. The pilot announced shortly before we landed that we were carrying home a Marine who "had paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country", along with a Marine escort and the deceased's wife. He asked that we all remain seated while they got off. (Knowing how inconsiderate people are these days, I really doubted that people would do that). But, to my surprise... it was quite the experience to see, when we came to a stop, an entire plane full of people remain seated and quiet while the escort and the wife got up and went down the steps to join the Marine Honor Guard as the casket was removed from underneath.

Since our luggage was delayed in coming out, due to the Marine ceremony going on, Philip went ahead and left to pick up our rental van, while I waited for the bags.

We finally got on the road around 8. We stopped at Wendy's to get dinner, feed and change Keenan and situate things better in the van. Shortly after, I started driving and the boys slept. We arrived in Troy at midnight, instead of 8:00. Fortunately the euchre party was still going on, so we didn't miss seeing anyone.

Keenan had just woken up and was completely overwhelmed by all the noise and people at first, but was delighted to see Snickers (the dog). Snickers didn't share this feeling. =)

We finally got to bed at about 2:15 and got up at 9:30 this morning. We had hoped to be on the road at 10, but it is now 10:40, so maybe we can make it out by 11:00.

I'll try and post some pictures later.

All in all, if we had driven, we would have been here earlier... how twisted is that??


Tim & Steph said...

I think birth "plans" are exceptionally humorous, but travel "plans" take a very close second! =) Can't wait to see you tomorrow - hope today went better than yesterday!
Love ya! ~S

Ebby Ray said...

HIde Bunny in a barf bag? This is funny!

Thankfully everyone was respectful on your plane. What a hard time that wife must have been having knowing her husband was stored underneather them.

Anonymous said...

I too cracked up at bunny in the barf bag!

I got tears in my eyes reading about the marine and his wife and breathed a prayer for her and her family. It is good to know that there is still respect for our military. It must've been soooo difficult for that poor woman!

Mom E