Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is good

Keenan and I went to MOPS this morning, and had a great time as usual. Here's the cake I made for it:

Me in front of our neighbor's azalea bush

This afternoon we headed over to the park on the bayou. It's so pretty there, and they have a fairly new playground that I discovered Keenan loves too.

Watching the other kids

Doing his little "ape walk" instead of wearing out his knees

Here's him in motion:

Us on a cool swing by the water

Keenan getting his bare feet in the sand

I just love those pudgy little toes...

Gleefully eating a handful of sand

We found out about another small park across the water, so I drove over to see it. It doesn't have a playground, but is really cute... this picture was taken there.

In our driving around, I came across this, and just thought it was kind of quaint...

Almost Everyone has azaleas! I didn't really notice before, because they just looked like green bushes, but once they bloom, they just explode with color!

This was a huge "hedge" of them across someone's entire property - so pretty!

This sign (by the Baptist church parking lot) struck me funny =)

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Jen: said...

The MOPS cake was beautiful and so yummy. The detail was just amazing. I posted it on my blog in the attempt to convince my family that I actually made it. We'll see if they fall for it!