Sunday, March 9, 2008

Keenan's first birthday party!

Keenan's actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we celebrated it today. Brace yourselves for the "post with the most pictures" to date... (and thank you to Philip who helped load them all one by one since Blogger was being a pain!)

* My apologies to any of "Wendi's people" who have been checking for a post, since she mentioned it...

Philip was on call until 11:00 today, so he came home and went right to bed. Fortunately, Keenan soon went down for his nap, since I had lots to do still! Jodi (amazing friend that she is), came over early and helped me decorate and get some of the food ready.

We had a good turnout, and I think everyone had a good time, we sure did! =)

364 days old...

This is how Pooh turned out

Party fun (complete with Rainbow Goldfish crackers for the kiddos munching pleasure)

The cakes and I

The birthday boy, right after he woke up to a house full of people!
(This is his special birthday shirt)

The food (always a key part of the party around here)

Friends and some of the decorations

The women in attendance (minus Andrea who wasn't there yet)

A wagon load of gifts for a very blessed little boy!

Gettin' into the party spirit

Trying to get a picture of the four little kids in party hats (Sebastian would have none of it)

Keenan and Pooh

Keenan and his mini cake (it took a while for him to actually stick his fingers in it)


Happier once he had some good old goldfish to eat instead of chocolate cake

Munchin' munchkins

William enjoying the cake

Fun times

Keenan opening a gift with some help

All his gifts - soo much fun!

Happy three

The Reites - I took this because I don't think Andrea's husband, Erik has Ever been on the blog before, so here he is

Della looking beautiful in her sweet dress and hair bow

Keenan sucking on a huge chunk of ice from Cliff's cup

Keenan and Daddy having a quiet moment towards the end of the party

Ha Ha, Andrea! I Did put it on the blog!

The goody bags

My favorite things from the goody bags, little (washable) animal markers, made especially to fit little chubby baby hands =)

...and no party is complete without a grown Texan man in a party hat, right?

Here's video of us singing Happy Birthday to Keenan


Tara said...

Joia- wow! you went all out! Happy Birthday, Keenan! :) (glad you liked 'A Thousand Splendid Suns,' too!)

Aunt Heather said...

I've made that Pooh cake more than once and none of them looked anywhere near as good as yours!

Mom W. said...

Good job Joia, I told you, you could do it! All cakes great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keenan! We can hardly wait to see you here next week! Hurray!
Love Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah

Grandma W. said...

Happy Birthday Keenan, now begins the terrible 2s, oh, did you think they started at two? Not... just ask Steph =)

Anonymous said...

your cakes look great! happy birthday keenan! have a good day today!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY Birthday Keenan Lawrence!!! We so wish we could have been there, but your cousins weren't feeling the 8 hour car trip =). Your card is late, but this time not on purpose like your Daddy's! Love you and miss you!
Uncle Matt, Aunt Jessica, Reagan and Hudson

Anonymous said...

Wow Mommy! You outdid yourself. Happy FIRST birthday Keenan.
We love you! (Great) Aunt Mary & (Great) Uncle Dennis

Anonymous said...

We tried to call and wish Keenan a Happy B'day 'in person' via phone, after the funeral, but we kept getting a busy signal. So, we finally left one on Philip's cell phone. Did you ever get that one?

So sad we couldn't be there with you to celebrate lil' man. Hey, I even used "Pooh" wrapping paper, not ever knowing your mommy was going to make a "Pooh" cake! How's that for being in sync?! :-).

Happy Birthday, Keenan.

Love and Hugs, Gr'ma & Gr'pa E and Uncle Isaac

P.S. Joia, you really outdid yourself! Everything looked fantastic!