Sunday, March 16, 2008

In the Great White North

Here's some pictures from yesterday:

Waiting for the taxi in Tallahassee

Playing at the airport

Keenan napping on the first flight (that's a bruise on his chin)

Us while waiting (and waiting) on the plane

...Keenan finally asleep after we took off

Philip trying to sleep

Keenan and Grandma Dooley

Uncle Phil and Philip

Aunt Mary and Keenan

After a Delicious breakfast, we finally got on the road from Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's at around 11 this morning. We stopped at Wal-Mart for diapers (and Keenan's first Michigan hoodie) and also made a Tim Horton's stop before crossing the border.
This musical card proved to be great entertainment in the van!

Keenan in one of Aidan and Liam's toys

Aidan playing peek a boo Keenan

Keenan and Liam playing

Sarah and I
(sorry I don't know how to crop on this computer)

The weather here is actually pretty nice. It's cool, but the roads were clear, and there's just enough snow that we should be able to get some fun pictures.

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