Thursday, March 20, 2008

House to ourselves

Sorry to be blogging so late...

My day got started earlier than I would have liked. I was up with Keenan at 6:15, since he was all stuffed up and couldn't even nurse. My parents helped me rig up a "steam tent" that Keenan and I sat under with a pot of "boiled Vicks water". It sure cleared Me out, but was pretty strong, and we couldn't stay under very long. It did seem to help a bit, and we were able to get a bit more sleep. He got a lot better as the day went on, thankfully.

I'm feeling a lot better today too, although my throat is still really sore, and I think I'm still running a bit of a fever. We're praying that that clears up quickly as well.

It was sad saying goodbye to my parents this morning... We're not really sure when the next trip up here will be. We sure had a great though!

On our way back to Troy, after having a delicious lunch from Tim Hortons, we stopped in at the Paradoski's and picked up Keenan's birthday present (an adorable little pull along dog), but unfortunately were unable to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis.

We're now back in Troy at Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's. They, however, are not here. They all left to spend a few days up north at the lodge with some of the rest of the family. Before they left, we got to visit a little bit with Taylor and Davis (who we missed on Saturday night), and also got to see Grandma again briefly. We get to spend the next couple days in their house (aka our own private hotel), while Philip does his two day exam.

We had a nice dinner (while Keenan was napping), then watched some TV (a novelty for us these days), while Keenan slept on me (which was soo sweet and he hardly ever does anymore). Philip did some studying for his test while Keenan and I played downstairs (and distracted him).

I should head to bed (haven't really had a great night's sleep in about six days now).

Philip's exam starts at 8:30 in the morning and goes until 4:30 tomorrow. Please pray that it will go well.

Will post pictures (hopefully) tomorrow. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joia.
Too bad you weren't feeling the best when you were home. But hopefully you can rest a bit with the house to yourself.
Was going to give you a call, but, ooops, too slow!
Take care and hope Phillip's exams go well.