Sunday, March 23, 2008

Home Sweet 70 Degrees!

Happy Easter! How awesome that the God we serve is ALIVE!!

It is so good to be home! This morning when we woke up in Dayton, it was sooo cold outside, and the van was covered in frost... and then we walked out of the airport in Tallahassee, and it was a warm, beautiful, Florida Easter Sunday! =0)

We had great travel experiences today - so thankful for that!!

Keenan occupying himself this morning at the motel while we got ready

Before we got home, we picked up lunch at DQ, and then ate it in the pavillion at Turkey Creek. After that, we decided to head over and check out the new, north section of the Turkey Creek boardwalk. It's beautiful!

At the beginning of the boardwalk

The long, straight section

At the end

When we let Keenan crawl down the canoe launch ramp, we figured he'd put his hand in the water, splash a bit, and that would be it - but he crawled RIGHT IN and got soaked! =)

After "the incident"

To contrast the two climates we've experienced over the past couple days, here's a short video from our drive from Northville to Troy on Friday night:

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Flakymn said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY Joia is home. Don't leave for so long again okay?