Saturday, March 8, 2008

He's almost one...

.. and we can't believe it!

Here's some pictures from yesterday:

Cuddling with Keenan right after he got up from a nap

I love this one

Does this pose make me look fat?

Philip actually got home at 5:30 yesterday! We were joking, that for this job, that's almost like getting home at Lunch! =) I ran out and got a movie and a pizza and we had a nice evening together before he went on call for most of the weekend.

Keenan "helping" Philip untie his boots when he got home

Keenan is learning new things faster than we can adapt it seems these days... Yesterday while we were all in the office, I looked over and he climbed up onto the futon, unassisted! Philip and I both looked at each other and went "Oh, my goodness, what are we in for?"

Philip just recently put these shelves up - after measuring to make sure that Keenan couldn't reach them! So much for that!!

Notice the hole in his knee? These are the first pants he's actually worn through from crawling!
(Mom E. don't be sad... they have had a good life, and been well loved since he got them at Christmas!) =)

I've spent a large part of the day doing cakes for Keenan's birthday party tomorrow. I made a Winnie the Pooh cake, and then a small, star cake for Keenan to stick his hands in. I did get back into my "cake decorating groove" pretty well, although the Pooh cake proved to be a bit of a challenge for rusty old me. You'll see it tomorrow.

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