Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have I mentioned lately...

..that I Love Florida! Today is a sunny, warm, 67 degree day, the birds are chirping and it's oh, so beautiful! I had the doors open, and I lay out in the backyard to get some sun this afternoon (a safe amount, Dr. Dooley!) =)

It makes me shiver just thinking about heading up north this weekend, although the thought of being with family and friends far outweighs any trepidation about the weather.

Here are some more pictures of the weather at home from Andrew's blog, taken yesterday morning. It Does help when the cold looks this pretty!!

So beautiful...

Our lunch this morning was at Jodi's house. We had delicious chicken salad sandwiches, cheese, crackers, fruit, hummus, pita bread, and peanut butter brownies. Yum!

Funny picture of Keenan before we left

Della checking out Keenan's tunnel

Sleepy Keenan snuggling with Jodi

This afternoon after his nap I took Keenan to the Niceville Children's Park. It's awesome! We went once last summer, but he was really too little to enjoy much of it. This time though, he had a blast! (I know it seems like a lot of pictures from just one afternoon.... but I took 57!)

Cool dude ready for a good time

Off we go! (His hat is so too small!)

Riding a dinosaur

Exiting the slide

Hey Mama!

Watching all the kids (see his cute sandals?)

I love the look on his face here...

Happily driving the ambulance

Crossing a bridge

Meeting a new friend in the tunnel

...and stealing new friend's hat

Enjoying the beautiful day!



Anonymous said...

When we flew into Indiana for the funeral,there was 14 inches of snow and the little town of Aurora where Karlita lived was on level 3 emergency! Fortunately, by the time we arrived, the roads had been cleared and Isaac got to enjoy the snow with Karlita's son, Tyler.

Have fun when you visit your family and give them hugs for me!

Mom E.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that kind of flooring (is that what you call it) --> see the exiting the slide picture. It is so much better than woodchips or SAND! =) Love, Auntie Jessica

Aunt Heather said...

Uncle John's on the road and he says there's no snow in Western Ohio or Michigan. But I know Cleveland got the dump we did over the weekend.