Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's been a fun visit so far. Yesterday afternoon, Rob and Ada came over to spend the rest of the day with us. We had dinner and then played Clue, amid much laughter and delirium (on the part of my tired, but happy self) =)

Today has been a fun, relaxing day here at home with my mom.

Keenan in his birthday chair from Uncle Tim and Aunt Stephanie

After lunch, we went outside to see what Keenan thought of the snow. He borrowed a snowsuit from his cousin, Shaelyn, that fit perfectly!

What is going on?? Why do I have all these clothes on?

Putting his mitts back on (for the first of Many times..)

Happy snow boy

No, he wasn't buried, he was just sitting behind a big drift

Seeing how snow tastes...

The two Canadians in their natural habitat

Hi Daddy!

"Oh man, I'm stuck! Can someone push me out?"

It wasn't really stuck, it's been buried here all winter... =)

Squinty family

The boys behind the woodpile

Enjoying being back home

The three of us playing with some of the toys I grew up with

Philip's impressive creation

Keenan and my mom

We're leaving soon to meet the rest of the family in London for a professional picture taking session. With 11 adults, 2 young kids and 2 babies, it ought to be fun! =) After that, we're all heading to Mark and Rebekah' s house for some pizza and a little birthday celebration for Keenan.

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Flakymn said...

This is fun!!!! Keep the photos and updates coming or I'll feel totally left out.