Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun with the Fam

Our picture taking session ended up taking an hour and a half last night! Between all of us, there were nine or ten poses done, and then we all had to pick what we wanted! Craziness... =)

We had a great evening together at Mark and Rebekah's. The highlight for me was hearing my dad and four brothers sing. They all love to sing and have done quite a bit of it together lately and are Amazing! I did several videos, but will wait until I'm home to post them, since I haveno way to compress videos for the web here.

Here's some pictures from last night:

Tim and Kyla

Pretty girl

The food

Keenan's cake

Philip playing with Keenan and Shaelyn

Happy Birthday (again) Keenan!

Philip licking icing off of Keenan's hand after he stuck it in the cake

Keenan trying to figure out how to blow out the candle

Kyla and I

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Anonymous said...

On your way back to Troy Thurs, can you stop by our home to pick up Keenan's BD present? Check your email for details.
Aunt Mary P