Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun day with the "Keenanator"

It's really good for me to have days every now and then where I can focus on nothing but enjoying being with Keenan. He really is a lot of fun to be with. =)

Here's him experimenting with the toilet paper roll. (Yes, I admit, that I thought it was so cute, I let him continue to pull it off the roll while I ran and got the camera...

...and I got there just in time to see the last of it unroll...

...and that's that!


After lunch, I decided I should let him do some "boy stuff" and get dirty outside. Here's him investigating the wood chips by the driveway. He didn't eat too many. =)

Ya, dirt!

When I was talking to Myrtle yesterday about us being at Turkey Creek on Saturday, she said she'd love to go with us sometime, so today we invited her along for our walk. She was great company!

Keenan listening intently to everything Myrtle said

Myrtle pushed him a lot of the way, and proudly talked about him to anyone who was interested (it was very sweet) =)

A snack and a free ride!

When he was pushing the stroller, he'd want to stop every few feet and crawl over to the rail and pull himself up and look through

As we were walking, we saw a group of people on one of the docks, taking a picture, so I offered to take one so they could all be in it. Later, we ran into them on the trail and got chatting, and it turns out they were fellow Canadians (from Ontario!) The older couple was from the Toronto area, and their son and his wife and kids were from Orangeville (where my dad grew up and I was born!) It's a small world... =)

This is what they came from: (a picture I stole from my brother's blog, taken in the last couple days)

So, even though it's not 80 degrees here, it was a nice change for them!

...and back to Turkey Creek:

Some cool lily pads

Keenan loves Myrtle

Good buddies

This was taken by the nice Canadians =)

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