Friday, March 7, 2008

Frank and Myrtle

After a rather warm walk down to Beall's and back this afternoon, Keenan and I went to pay Frank and Myrtle a visit. I needed to return Myrtle's bowl, since a couple days ago she had brought over some fresh rutabagas for us, right out of their garden. They were delicious!

Frank was out in the backyard, setting up wires so he can plant string beans and Myrtle showed us the "recently sprouted" rows of potatoes. I can't believe those two, they constantly have something on the go in their yard!

Keenan Loved the opportunity to get down and explore and get dirty in the grass. He also ate some dirt, chewed on the garden hose and almost crawled into the garden (which had recently had horse manure added to it!)

He couldn't be happier...

I think this expression means he has dirt in his mouth and he's trying to hide it...

I hadn't put shoes on him, since we took the stroller over and I wasn't planning for him to get down outside, ok?? =)

Holding some "crab like" sprouting potatoes

Here's just a few of Frank and Myrtle's many beautiful flowers. I Think all of these are azaleas?

When we left, I had the same bowl I took back... this time filled with dewberry cobbler! =)


Anonymous said...

Keenan is quit the character hehe. He is getting so big so fast...take care!

Mom W. said...

Oh, the azaleas are gorgeous Joia, thanks for showing them. My Mom (your grandma) was from the Mobile area and she loved the azaleas this time of year and used to talk about them. Somebody commented on your blob and encouraged you to go see them, they are amazing this time of year. You can post as many pictures of those as you want and I will really enjoy them, especially since we just got another storm over night and lots more snow. Happy cake making, I am sure you will do fine, something I think you never forget, like bike riding. love you, Mom (looking and yearning for spring)

Joia said...

LOL! Ha Mom! I caught you - you said, "Someone commented on your BLOB.." What about my blob? You got a problem with my blob? =)

That's funny that you said cake decorating was like bike riding, because Philip said the exact same thing to me this morning (but he was joking!)

Mom W. said...

That is pretty funny, I reread that several times and never saw my "blob"... Got me... =)

So how did the cake go? Wondering... love "d" Mom

Anonymous said...

Okay......catching up again.....or at least trying to, and I caught the "blob" comment too and laughed and laughed! Then laughed harder when I saw you (Joia) didn't let it pass w/o commenting.....poor Judy! Can't make one mistake w/o getting ribbed for it, EH?! LOL. thanks for the laugh you two!. I needed it after the week, no Month, I've been having!

Even so, God is Good All the time!

Mom E (& Kathleen) [in case your mom reads this too].