Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Swim of 2008

Keenan and I headed over to Eglin's East Pool for the first time since last summer. This was the first time we'd been there in the winter (when it's covered), and it was Really different seeing it as an "indoor" pool! It was nice though, and soo warm inside! The pool was really warm too.

I think the pool looks bigger under here for some reason

Keenan and I in our new swimsuits (you can't really see Keenan's here, but you can later)

He had No fear of the water, and tried to get in by himself multiple times

Having a good time

Here you can see his Cars bathing suit (he got it from Grandma E. for Christmas)

Let me back in!

He loved how this sounded when he pounded on it

"Hmmm... Did Mom bring anything good?"

"Aha! Her cell phone!"

He kept wanting to crawl all over the pool deck, but it was pretty rough, so he started doing it this way so it would be better on his knees.

See how red his poor little knees got? (But he wouldn't stop!)

Sleepy boy all bundled up

So ready for a nap (both of us!) =)

Here's Keenan at the edge of the pool... you'll notice how "echo-ey" it was


Anonymous said...

It's looks like Keenan had a blast there... he really loves the water!!
Yes, I'm back on-line finally! Missed sending Keenan a birthday message, but it looks like he had a great day!
Hope your travel to snowy Ontario goes well this weekend. At least it will be better than last weekend!

Anonymous said...

ooops, forgot to put my name on that!! It's me...Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

Keenan looks adorable in the Cars b-suit. I love the tag lines you give your photos; it's hysterical. BTW, Jessica used to crawl like that outside when we lived in da' hood. She never used her knees because the concrete hurt her knees, so she 'walked' on her hands and feet. And she was Fast too! It was so funny!

Have a good time in C-eh-N-eh-D-eh!

When do you return?

Mom E.

Heather said...

Hahaha the look he gives you after you say "Do you hear the echo" is priceless :)