Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family Pictures

Here are the family pictures we had done while we were with my family in Ontario. This is the first time we've attempted a professional picture of our whole group, and it was quite the undertaking! =)

My Awesome Family:
back (l-r) Bruce (my dad), Rob (my third bro), Tim (my oldest bro), Shaelyn (his daughter), Mark (my second oldest bro)
middle row - Judy (my mom), Ada (Rob's wife), Philip, Rebekah (Mark's wife)
front - Stephanie (Tim's wife), Kyla, Andrew (my youngest bro), Marika (Tim and Steph's),
Me and Keenan

Here's a funny one of the grandkids

We all begged Andrew to get this one because it's so hilarious!
My mom said, "It's obvious he's the single one... since no woman would let him get away with this!" =)

This is the Antiquities picture I had done of Keenan a few weeks ago


Anonymous said...

Great pictures - guys and gals !!!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried putting up the singing ones yet? I want to show the kids in my class (if they're good that is...)
PS- I love the two rabbits!

Mom W. said...

I didn't say it Joia but it was a good comment, one of the other wives must have said it... Cute grandkids we have, I say! Love, Mom W.

Anne said...

Those are such fun pictures! The one with Kermit the frog is hilarious!

eMom said...

What great photos. How did you ever get everyone to cooperate all at the same time? lol. The antiquities is adorable too!! Love, eMom

Heather said...

Hahaha I like those photos :) They all turned out pretty well!