Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Today is Easter Monday in Canada, and since yesterday wasn't very "Eastery" for us, I decided to do an Easter post today.

This was sent to me by my brother in law, Matt (LOL! This is what Andrew was talking about!!):While we will definitely teach Keenan about Christ's resurrection and the real meaning of Easter, and we've chosen not to have him believe in the Easter Bunny, I thought it would still be fun to do an easter egg hunt for him. Obviously, he can't "look" for eggs yet, but I bought some plastic colored eggs, and put them all over the house in places where I knew he would be (his toy area, some of the kitchen cupboards, the hallway, etc.) I put cheerios or golfish crackers in them, and it was soo much fun to see him find them, and gobble down the "treats" inside. I did notice, however, that I sometimes found cheerios left behind, but never goldfish! LOL!

Here's some pictures from the egg hunt:

Keenan's Easter duck and some of the eggs (showing the goodies inside)

The first find! (in the office)

...and another in the tunnel

...and by the toys

Here's video of him finding one:

Keenan and I walked to the post office to pick up our mail from the last week (what a ton there was!) The most exciting things were the Easter cards and the Easter basket package from Mom and Jeff! =) It had something fun in it for all of us. Two of the coolest things (well, besides the chocolate, of course) were a Peep chick for Keenan that lights up in the bathtub, and a "Grow Your Own Vacation" thing that has a Palm tree and sand you put in water and it grows 600 times it's size! How fun! =)

Opening the basket

Keenan's (adorable) bathtub gator buddies

* I should also mention that it was Last year that "Blue Bunny" joined our family (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Maureen!). Although Keenan didn't Really adopt him and start chewing and sucking on him until last June, he has been part of our family for almost a year now!


Mom W. said...

Hey Joia, you are getting close to 8000 on your counter...

We didn't get any of that snow you got in MI, can you believe that?? We did get a little last night.

Cute with Keenan and the eggs, can't get the sound to work though.

Wish we had some that warm weather...

Anonymous said...

oh i think that is just about the saddest thing that he won't believe in the easter bunny

Anonymous said...

I agree completely! My husband was never told about the Easter Bunny, and then when he got to school not only did he ruin it for the other kids by accident but he's still mad at his parents over the loss of a little innocent fun. He wants us to emphasize the importance of GOD to our children but allow them the joy of the Easter Bunny. They can be integrated in a careful and special way.

Joia said...

I have obviously upset some of you with my "no easter bunny" talk. I apologize if I have offended you, but Philip and I were both raised not believing in the Easter bunny, and we both turned out fine. =)

I have no problem with the Easter bunny (or Santa Claus), we are just choosing to not have Keenan believe in things that aren't real.