Thursday, March 6, 2008

Book Club

The wifia met for our book club again tonight. We didn't end up talking much about the book, since only Wendi and I had found time to read it yet. It was an Excellent read though, so the rest are still going to read it and we'll talk about it next month. I learned soo much about the culture (specifically the lives of women) in Afghanistan through this book. It was also really interesting to read about 911 happening, from their perspective, not through an American's eyes. I highly recommend it. I'm also going to read The Kite Runner, since it is apparently excellent too.

We met at Tijuana Flats again. I didn't have a meal this time, but their (huge) Macadamia Nut cookies are amazing! It was another fun night with Very fun people! =)

The Girls (notice that Yours Truly has turned a deeper shade of red since the initial sunburn picture I posted)

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