Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blessed with good friends

This morning I went to my women's Bible study at Laura's house. I hadn't been in a couple weeks (because Keenan was sick, and then I was sick), so it was nice to see everyone again. However, Keenan was getting into Everything, and I was getting really stressed out (and afraid that everyone else was thinking he was a brat and I was a bad mom), so I finally just decided to leave. I came home crying. (Have any of you other moms every felt like that?)
Keenan and I both had a long nap (after which we Both felt much better). Thankfully, I have Great friends in the group, (and after a talk on the phone with Laura) found out that they all decided that we could do things a bit differently from here on out, and have made some changes to help keep the little ones "contained" more, and also shortened up the study time. I am so grateful for others who are so sensitive to needs, and are so willing to make changes like this.

Last night Keenan had his very first bubble bath!

Cool bubble hat

What Is this stuff?

This afternoon, before heading to the grocery store, Keenan and I went to the Eglin park for a while:

As always, the swing was a big hit

Keenan in motion

Gotta love cameras with timers...

Peek a boo!

Keenan playing the musical pipe thingies

"Um ya, I know how to do it, but thanks... hey, what are you doing Friday night?"



Flakymn said...

I'd be worried if Keenan wasn't getting into everything. That would mean he is a very boring and non-interested child.

Who wouldn't want to empty the toilet paper roll?!?! How fun would that be? I wonder if there is a kid who didn't do this?

I think every parent has a picture of a child getting into things ... that's how they learn!

And if Scrubs is any proof, Keenan should be out of his puppy stage any day now.

Loree Arrington said...

Hey Joia,

Aren't well timed naps just the best thing?? A bad mom wouldn't care. A bad mom wouldn't bother taking him to the park. A bad mom wouldn't consider what type of mom she was or how her child's normal behavior was affecting others.
I can sooo relate to the leaving in tears thing! Been there, done that, with three different kids!! I think EVERY mom can relate.

Hey, and if you think it's Everything now, wait a couple of months, and it'll be EVERYTHING!! Don't count on getting out of the puppy stage until about 7, though, maybe 8. (Remember, 1 dog year equals 7 people years.)

Chin up, you're doing a great job! You're the perfect mom for Keenan! God certainly thought so!

Anonymous said...

Hi -i just was looking at pics and scrolled down -i'm wendi's aunt -oh my goodness he is all boy and adorable -he LOOKS like an angel, anyway!! :) -reminds me of our Eddie when small when you describe him into everything-we called him fast Eddie -i think i sat down for 10 whole minutes and was able to take my first long breath for the first time (wasn't chasing after him somewhere or worried what he was into) when he was about 4, but i remember thinking when the kids were 6 and 8 i would just freeze them there as it was sooo relaxing! (Eddie was a tough toddler but a great teenager!! :) But my kids had a jungle to play with and people's huts had dirt floors and no furniture to get into, and people who thought i was a bad mom if I spanked him!!... so i only worried when we came home on furloughs and my jungle kid looked so spoiled - in US pre-school i got called in because he wouldn't stand in line to wait for a drink behind the other kids -in Indonesia there were no drinking fountains, but the closest thing was a Post Office - NOONE waited in a line (what's a line) you went to the window and shoved your money and hand in around 50 other people doing the same and hoped someone would grab it sooner rather than later...and ask how many stamps you wanted. I got called in because he didn't share toys and thought everyone should give him them -everyone did give the little white boy with blond hair whatever he wanted in Indonesia -he was a little king there! I was soooo worried how he would turn out! You are a wonderful mom!! filling a little boy with love -how many little ones out there aren't getting any of that!
Tante Jan