Wednesday, March 5, 2008

...Another day in the life...

The weekly lunch was at Sarah's house today. We had chicken and dumplings, carrots and dip, and a great salad made by Jodi. I made these for dessert... they're a combination of my mom's "Scotcheroo Square" recipe and my imagination...

Peanut butter, honey bunches of oats, chocolate... it's really just "breakfast with attitude!"

(Mom E., these were what I was making when you called yesterday)

Keenan skipped his morning nap, and was sooo tired when we left Sarah's that he was asleep in the first two blocks!

Pretty sweet sight in my rear view mirror...

Philip just called and won't be done work until 7:30 or 8:00 (blah). I just put Keenan down for an evening "nap", so he'll be able to see Philip at least for a little bit later. It makes me so sad when Philip misses an entire day with Keenan. I know he hates it too.

I'm starting to get things ready for Keenan's birthday... we can't believe he's almost one! I picked up his special "birthday shirt" today, but you'll have to wait to see it. He also got several presents in the mail today that "he" (okay, I) can't wait to open!


Mom says said...

Hmmmmm... interesting idea to do with the scotcheroo recipe. Did you have trouble with them getting stiff before you got them all shaped up???

Anonymous said...

I've been skipping around trying to catch up on your lives there and happened to see I got an 'honorable mention' in your blog today! The scotcheroo thingys look delicious (never heard of them before, but I bet they taste great!).

Soooo, did you open the gifts yet? :-)

Seeing the photos of Keenan brings tears to my eyes because I don't get to see him as we had originally planned. [It's weird cuz I'll be attending a funeral on his 1 year b'day!] Life does go on, doesn't it?

Give that precious boy a big hug for me......Keenan too! LOL.

Mom E.

p.s. I did read the entry where your mom decided to be a rapper! If she's d-mom, I guess I could be e-mom and together we'd be the de-moms...I'm sure we could probably come up with some hits too! ;-)