Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another big step

Today was another beautiful, fun day. We went to church this morning (and actually connected with Andrea for a change!) Jonathan and Keenan were actually in the same class this morning... we were wondering if they recognized each other without their moms around, and if they "hung out" or not. =)

We got lunch at Sonic (mmmm) on the way home and then spent the afternoon taking naps, tidying up random stuff around the house and....

Installing Keenan's new "big boy" car seat! This was pretty exciting for him (and us)! I think he really likes being able to see out the front window now, as well as being able to see what is going by on the sides. When we got home this evening (after a great time with our life group friends in Niceville), he didn't want to get out of the seat! =)

Checkin' out his new seat

"Hey, let's get this seat (and me) out of this box!"

"Helping" Philip get the straps all figured out and adjusted properly

Trying it out
First ride in it in the car (he loved putting the arm rests up and down)

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