Monday, March 31, 2008

Start of a new week

Today has been a nice quiet Monday at home. It's been cloudy today, so other than a walk to the post office, Keenan and I have just been playing in the house.

In lieu of anything spectacular to tell you about, I thought I'd post a couple videos that I had in my "stash".

This one is from the doctor's office... Keenan ripping up the paper liner on the table

Here's Keenan walking down the hallway

This is Keenan "riding" his car seat

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another big step

Today was another beautiful, fun day. We went to church this morning (and actually connected with Andrea for a change!) Jonathan and Keenan were actually in the same class this morning... we were wondering if they recognized each other without their moms around, and if they "hung out" or not. =)

We got lunch at Sonic (mmmm) on the way home and then spent the afternoon taking naps, tidying up random stuff around the house and....

Installing Keenan's new "big boy" car seat! This was pretty exciting for him (and us)! I think he really likes being able to see out the front window now, as well as being able to see what is going by on the sides. When we got home this evening (after a great time with our life group friends in Niceville), he didn't want to get out of the seat! =)

Checkin' out his new seat

"Hey, let's get this seat (and me) out of this box!"

"Helping" Philip get the straps all figured out and adjusted properly

Trying it out
First ride in it in the car (he loved putting the arm rests up and down)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny Saturday

Philip played on the doctor's team in a softball tournament on base today with several other teams from the medical group. They did really well, and ended up playing five games!

Keenan busied himself with climbing the bleachers for most of the first game

Waiting to play

Philip (on the left) and the rest of his team

Philip and Matt with Keenan and William

Throwing the ball to second, he was playing shortstop
(I love this one)

Silly face

Philip's fan club

Philip and Rob chatting on first base

Running for third base in their second and final game in the winner's bracket against the Nurses (the defending champions). They beat radiology in the first game and then lost to the Nurses before beating Lab/Pharmacy and Logistics in the looser's bracket. They finally fell again and were eliminated from the tournament by Bio-environmental and ended up with a 3-2 record and fourth place finish out of nine teams.

Sleepy boy

Philip explaining the game to Keenan =)

Since Jodi's husband, Cliff was on call today and Philip was playing ball, she met Keenan and I for lunch. We ate at Giuseppi's Wharf, a really cool waterfront restaurant near us that just reopened in their brand new facility after hurricane damage.

This is a picture of the restaurant I took the other day

The view from our table
(If you look closely in the middle of the picture, just above the trees, you'll see a fighter in the air)

Us in front of the boat docks

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our Sweet Southern neighbors

Keenan and I just went over to see Frank and Myrtle. I like to take him over there on nice days, since their grass is so much better for him to crawl in than anything we have growing over here. We sat on their back porch and had cookies and some of Myrtle's iced tea (best I've ever had). She even brought out a tiny glass of it for Keenan! =)

It's Such a blessing having them so close. They adore Keenan, and he loves them right back!

Some of their beautiful, sweet smelling honeysuckle

Pondering life and the beautiful day

A stick to chew on is always a great find...

Keenan's "Neighborhood Grandparents"
(notice how well they all match?)
Having a cookie with Myrtle

...and another one with Frank (while wearing his hat)

"These boots were made for walkin'.."
(However, they weight about 20 lbs each, and he wasn't going anywhere! Kinda wish I had a pair of those at home...)

I think he's "smoking his stick" here

Sittin' on the boots

How's the weather up there?

...up North that is. How are my Canadian peeps doing (and other readers from the frigid north?)

It is 72 degrees here right now, it's supposed to reach 76. Keenan and I went to the park and went swimming today! The water was a little cool at first, but it didn't take long to get used to (and I'm sure it was warmer than any Canadian beach I've ever swam at!)

This is at the same park we played at yesterday

Getting used to the water

Once he was wet, and used to the temperature of the water, I quickly found out that Keenan has No fear of water! He would just keep crawling until the water started flowing into his mouth! I was constantly turning him around and heading him for shore. Crazy kid... =)

Stirring up the water

Sand between his fingers (only one of the Many places he got sand today...)

Keenan splashing in the water

After we swam, we had a picnic lunch in one of the little pavilions.

Eating a carrot

...and some Pringle Stix (I love how he looks so guilty here!)

"Hey Keenan, look at the camera!"

Much better

Getting ready to head home with the sleepy boy

This was too pretty a back drop to pass up

This is a cute little, rather eccentric house we often pass on our walk

* Random note - before we left for the park, Keenan managed to climb up and sit down in the stroller by himself!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is good

Keenan and I went to MOPS this morning, and had a great time as usual. Here's the cake I made for it:

Me in front of our neighbor's azalea bush

This afternoon we headed over to the park on the bayou. It's so pretty there, and they have a fairly new playground that I discovered Keenan loves too.

Watching the other kids

Doing his little "ape walk" instead of wearing out his knees

Here's him in motion:

Us on a cool swing by the water

Keenan getting his bare feet in the sand

I just love those pudgy little toes...

Gleefully eating a handful of sand

We found out about another small park across the water, so I drove over to see it. It doesn't have a playground, but is really cute... this picture was taken there.

In our driving around, I came across this, and just thought it was kind of quaint...

Almost Everyone has azaleas! I didn't really notice before, because they just looked like green bushes, but once they bloom, they just explode with color!

This was a huge "hedge" of them across someone's entire property - so pretty!

This sign (by the Baptist church parking lot) struck me funny =)