Friday, February 1, 2008

We're getting there...

I got to hang out with Sarah, Della and Jodi for a while at lunch time before getting back to work on the bathroom. Jodi stayed and watched Keenan for several more hours for me, so I was able to get a lot of sanding done, as well as cleaning up all the nasty scraped off wall paper. It's really starting to show progress now! Thank you, Jodi!

Philip is working late tonight, since he had a last minute admission, as he was getting ready to leave this afternoon.. =0/ His rotation at the Fort Walton Beach hospital has gone fairly well, although there was a lot of new things to learn the first couple days, since their computer system is entirely different from Eglin's etc... I've liked it since I haven't needed to pack him a lunch every day, because he gets free food at the cafeteria! Also, apparently every Wednesday, they get lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse! Yum!

Keenan getting into trouble under the computer desk

Blowing bubbles...

I really like this picture =)

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Anonymous said...

So glad I could help out. Keenan and I had a blast crawling all over the floor :-)

Thanks for the yummy food!