Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's at MOPS

I haven't featured my MOPS group on here recently, so I thought I'd take some pictures today...

Food... always a big part of MOPS =)

These were for one of the women who's wedding anniversary is today but her husband is in Iraq... =0/

We had a great speaker who spoke on "How Marriage is Like a Pair of Socks". It sounds funny, but it was very good, and she had a lot of good points!

As a group activity, we were given packages of those valentine's message hearts, and the point of the game was to see which group could write the "steamiest" love letter using the hearts! Our group won, but it really wasn't all that steamy. I mean, when all you have to work with is "Cutie Pie", "Lover Boy", "Kiss Me", "Sunshine", "Fax Me"... it doesn't get all that hot.. =)

In totally random news:

I put our toilet seat out for the trash this morning... and someone took it!! That's so nasty, for sooo many reasons! What were they thinking???

There is a bear (or two) roaming these parts lately. There was a bear cub spotted (on video) at the Turkey Creek park that we go to sometimes. It was at night though, they've never seen a bear there during the day. It was apparently "balancing on the boardwalk rail, before jumping down to root through some garbage."

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SUMC MOPS said...

Hey Joia,

They're 'sugar bears'(small black bears) and aren't dangerous. There are actually a good number of them on the Eglin Reservation. I don't think I'd go feeding one or trying to pet it, but they only average around 250 lbs and really aren't aggressive at all. So, you're still safe to go to the park! Might make a good picture with Keenan for your blog...(just kidding!)

And the toliet seat - that's probably the Boggy Boys (read: local rednecks), they, on the other hand, are dangerous - for so many reasons!! LOL!