Monday, February 4, 2008

That's all folks

Not too much excitement has gone on today.

Philip came home around 1:00 and sanded and put the last coat of plaster on the bathroom before heading back in to work to finish up notes and T Cons (telephone consults). He hopes to sand it one last time tonight, so I can prime it tomorrow! This project is really moving along now! Philip has spent sooo much time in their the last couple of days... I think there is definitely more wall covered in plaster than there is uncovered. =) He was worried that the surface wasn't going to be smooth enough, but I have a lot of faith in the textured paint. =)

It was a gorgeous day, and so warm that when Keenan and I went for a walk, I was hot by the time we got home! Gotta love that in February...

Keenan update:

* He now uses a "big boy" sippy cup by himself.

* He just cut tooth number nine and is working on number ten.

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Anonymous said...

sure hope it stays warm, cause Kristin and I are looking forward to soaking up some sunshine at the end of the month! Can't wait to be there!
We've had major snow on the weekend and now we're getting a thunder storm !? go figure!