Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Philip didn't end up getting done until after 11 today. That made for a 28.5 hour shift! He spent the afternoon catching up on sleep while Keenan and I did stuff around the house to get ready for our company that's coming tomorrow.

My friend, Kristin, and her mom, Cheryl, are coming to visit from my hometown of Norwich, ON. They'll be here from Monday until Friday morning. I've known Kristin for quite a while now, and her mom and I just really become friends since I got married and moved away. =) They are both anxious for some sunny weather to give them a break from the snow. The forecast looks pretty good. Hopefully we'll be able to get out so they can see a lot of the fun places they've read about on the blog.

I decided to clean out the car and wash it while Philip was sleeping, which would also keep Keenan outside and quiet for a while. Since I didn't want him crawling into the street, or getting into the water spray, I decided to give him lunch while I worked. It was a fabulous idea!

Lunch and a show

We finally got around to doing some family pictures. It proved to be quite the job getting Keenan to sit still... =)

Poor Philip, where are you under there?

Keenan in a smooch sandwich

I just had to add this picture... Keenan smoking a pipe


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

I was just catching up on your blog and those pics are amazing! Would you consider starting a small business? We would use you! Also, those java chillers are awesome at Sonic - I totally agree with you! :) Hopefully see you on Wed!


Anonymous said...

The photos you do are fantastic. I agree with Andrea that they are amazing and you could consider a small business doing the photos AND your cards! ;-) Love, eMom