Monday, February 25, 2008

Some fellow Canadians!

Cheryl and Kristin arrived today. I actually managed to get to Pensacola and back without getting lost (it's really a pretty easy drive, I've just never done it myself before).

We came back here, had lunch, and then we all had naps (woohoo!) This evening we had dinner at Chili's. The Canadians were very sneaky and stole the check before we could get it!

Keenan being his usual shy self with Cheryl and Kristin

At Chili's

Keenan's take out box hat

We're hoping to get out and do some fun stuff the next couple days. Not sure what we'll be able to do tomorrow if it rains (maybe tour the base).


Flakymn said...

Anxious to meet you guys tomorrow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun Cheryl and Kristin - remember that tan for me!!!