Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Saturday of simple pleasures

Today has been fun.
We originally thought we'd be working on the bathroom a lot today, but after Philip did the initial mudding/plastering this morning, we found out that it takes a loooong time to dry, so we had to leave it all day. He's just now getting back to it, and has done a second coat (and decided to do a bunch of other pretty large areas as well). It should really help the painting process go a lot more smoothly.

It was a Beautiful, warm day today, so we took a fairly lengthy walk over to Wolverine Park. We had noticed the signs for it before, and wanted to check it out (partly to see if had swings, but also just because it's called Wolverine park on Wolverine St.). Turns out it's just a soft ball complex, and no swings, but it was still a nice walk, and it was cool to see all the other Michigan street names, Detroit, Marquette, Jackson, Escanaba...

When we got back, Keenan had a long nap while we had lunch and watched part of The Illusionist. It's really interesting, but sort of strange. We plan to finish it tonight.

This afternoon we headed out to Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and A.C. Moore. I got some scrap booking stuff, and we checked prices on some new stuff for the bathroom. We stopped by Sonic for some delicious refreshment on the way home. =)

Last night Philip opened a package that came in the mail, and it was full of packing peanuts, (which Keenan thought were Awesome, of course!)

It's snowing peanuts!

Keenan having a blast (notice he's Tasting the peanuts too...)

I made the delightfully fun discovery that if I rubbed them on Keenan's hair, they'd stick to his head! =0) (He was shoving them in his mouth as fast as we could get them out!)

Here's a video, "Keenan vs. the vacuum"


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fun video!!!!! Very cute :)

Flakymn said...

Joia, the Illusionist is all about how it comes together ... trust me! I agreed it was strange but now I would LOVE to watch it again knowing the ending. Just watch -- you won't think it strange!!!

Mom E said...

The video of Keenan-the-Konan [and the big bad alien from Planet Vacuum] was Hysterical! I Loved his "flight instinct" [fight or flight] and then how he got brave & crawled right back to it when it turned off! I laughed So hard at the end when you were laughing too! I miss you all soooo much.

I agree with your friend about the movie (Illusionist) does all come together at the end and really was a good movie. Love, Mom