Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lovin' this Florida February...

Today has been another gorgeous day.

We've spent the day, mostly around the house, cooking, cleaning and chasing Keenan.

We had a nice visit this afternoon with Brandon, one of the new interns for next year. He is in the area house hunting right now, (we sure don't miss that!) He and his wife, Brittny, have an almost two year old, Christopher (who shares the same birthday as Keenan!), and a new baby girl, Sophie. We briefly met them back in the summer (and Philip got to know Brandon better while he was rotating here), so we're really looking forward to them joining the program in June!

We went to Turkey Creek this evening and had a nice walk before it cooled off.

Philip and Keenan both gave me Valentine's cards today. (Since Philip has been working such long days this week, and hasn't even had the car most day, he hadn't been able to get out and get cards before now). They were both very sweet, and had very nice notes written in them.

We had dinner (and more DQ cake for dessert), while watching U-571. Right now Philip is working on "re-assembling" Keenan's wagon. Remember when he first got it and I was so proud of myself for putting it together alone? Well, the wagon took it's first "longish voyage" yesterday, and was falling apart by the time we got home! I had never gotten around to tightening the bolts with a wrench... and Lots of them came loose on our bumpy road. There are quite a few missing washers, etc... (that I can Hopefully replace), so it's not been an easy job for Philip... =0/

I think that's it for the day.

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