Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last day before the Baileys bail out...

Today was a little warmer than yesterday, and not quite so windy, so the weather was actually pretty enjoyable.

This morning we went to the Air Armament Museum so Kristin and Cheryl could take some pictures of the planes, etc.

Keenan's miniature "crocs" with Kristin's
(Laura, the camo ones that you guys bought him fit now too!)

Kristin holding up a plane

...and with a huge bomb

Keenan in a bomber jacket

That's for sure!

After lunch, we went to Uptown Station in Fort Walton Beach for a while. One of the stores we visited was the Party Store (to get stuff for Keenan's birthday). Apparently being around Kristin makes me wish for my younger days or something...

Oh ya, we're cool...


I told Philip that I chose this hat specially for him, but... he didn't think it was that hot

"... it's 5:00 somewhere"

Keenan trying on a First birthday hat

Next stop was Tropical Smoothie Cafe (where I got an Amazing Strawberry Banana Peach smoothie)... so good! Then we went to the Landing and walked around for a while.

I thought she looked lonely and thirsty...

Keenan amused himself by pushing the stroller all over the park

A beautiful shot Kristin took

Me and my little man

Cute ducks

Playing hide and seek

I thought the water looked so pretty with the sun on it
(and I even got the American flag flying well!)

Kristin giving Keenan some steering assistance

Kristin and Cheryl

Do people Really not know this??

Another cool bronze figure

Yet another random pretty flower from our yard

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"d" Mom = ) said...

The Baileys might wish they had stayed there when they find out how cold it is here. It must warm up soon, tomorrow is the first of March after all. Looks like a good time was had by all. Keenan is almost 1 year old - how can that be??? They sure don't stay babies for long, see what I mean Joia...?