Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day!

Philip only had to work a half day today - woohoo!

It is another sunny, beautiful day, so Keenan and I headed out to the driveway to try out his "walker" (sounds like he's a little old man). He really liked using it outside where he has more space, and I also discovered that he (not unlike most toddlers) thinks crawling towards the road is the coolest thing! He also did taste tests on any leaves, sticks, or pieces of dirt he came across... what a boy. =)

Just chillin' on the brick wall

"I'm not afraid to put a stick in my mouth while you're looking right at me!"

Keenan on the go - full speed ahead towards the road!

... stopping only briefly to investigate the contents of this crack

Man...when's Daddy gonna get here?

Here's Keenan showing off some "see food" (aka goldfish crackers)
(I'm not sure, but Philip may be saying thinking... Oh boy, I hope they don't think he's related to me)

There's a Cajun meal tonight at the Kitsteiner's (I call it the "Kits Diner"). Kacey (one of the interns) is from Mississippi and has offered to cook seafood gumbo and chicken gumbo for all of us! We're so excited!
Here's the dessert I made for the occasion... Butterfinger Trifle

This is the biggest one I've ever made

That folks, is a whole 13x9 pan of brownies, 12 ounces of Cool Whip, a 6 serving box of chocolate pudding, and almost an entire bag of miniature Butterfinger bars!

The aftermath..

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Heather said...

Woah! That is massive!