Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Philip!

Philip is 27 today!
Here's him a "few" years ago...

Philip Dooley, world famous skiier and model... age two

Our friends, Matt and Tiffany, decorated Philip's desk for yesterday (since today is a holiday for most people at the hospital). They did such a good job!

How fun!

This is my favorite part... =]

Awesome cupcakes (and the Random Buddha in the background, wearing Philip's stethoscope)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Philip! We miss you and wish we could celebrate with you. We'll think of you while we celebrate with Mark and the "Birthday Stealer". Can't wait to see you all in March.
Love Mark and Rebekah

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Philip from more Canadian friends. Have a great day! We're sure your wife and son will make sure you do! Enjoy being young - tick, tock :)
the Hansfords :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Philip!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated (hehehe!) birthday Phil. I have to say that the card probably wasn't all THAT funny but given the fact that I have not had more than 5 hours straight of sleep in almost 3 months, it just struck me at the moment. I am sure you understand. Hope it was worth the wait. Love you and miss you! Jessica