Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Evolution of our Bathroom

Here is a picture diary of the What Lies Beneath project. I titled it this, since there were so many unpleasant surprises awaiting us under the first layer of wallpaper! Some of these pictures have been posted in the past, but in order to help it flow better, I've posted them again here...

Here's how it started out...

a sample of the wallpaper,

...and we can't forget the tasteful green seashell toilet seat!

This is after I ripped the top "easy" layer of paper off

Yay, scraping and spraying lethal stuff on the walls...

This is sooo uncool...

...but at least we look hot! =)

When the spray on stuff wasn't doing the trick, we borrowed a steamer, and that worked better...

.... yee haw!

All scraped and in need of a Lot of help...

Philip beginning the plastering process...

Finally ready to prime!

all primed and ready to paint

Jodi and I putting on the second coat of textured paint

While we were waiting for the new toilet seat, I decided to paint over the ugly green one and at least make it match! I think it was a great improvement! =)

Remember I said we checked at multiple stores and they were all out of the toilet seat we needed? Well, turns out that was because we were looking for the wrong one! Ours (we found out after Finally tracking down an elongated seat in our color) is actually Round!!

Finally a new seat!

....and here we have it folks, the finished (except for the light fixture over the shower, a new faucet and towel bar) bathroom!!


We think it's an improvement =)

Many thanks to:

Philip - for ALL your help!
Keenan - for behaving so we could work
Loree - for lending us your wallpaper steamer!
The Sheridans - for lending me a paint tray and roller handle
Jodi - for watching Keenan and for helping me paint!


mom.w. said...

Very nice, and of course BLUE, yay! Good job you guys!!

Anonymous said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWW. That is an incredible transformation. You are awesome, Joia! It is soooo gorgeous. Can't wait to see it in person soon, we hope! Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Blue? I'm kidding, it looks great! I'm very impressed!
Love Rebekah

Anonymous said...

Are you guys for hire? Remember, I mentioned you would finally reach the end and be able to really enjoy all your hard work!!! Looks fantastic. I love blue.
Luv ya, Aunt Mary

Flakymn said...

This looks great. I was just scanning pics so when I saw the one of Keenan again with the bathroom I was thinking, "Oh my ... it looks THE SAME!" Then I realized it was.

I also saw the blue shell and thought -- they replaced that ugly seat with one of a different color?

Needless to say, the final product is AMAZING!

I think we need a lunch at your house to celebrate!