Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day two with the Baileys

The weather hasn't really cooperated for us today. Since it was a little rainy and cloudy we decided we'd go check out the base, but they were being sticky and made us go inside for a pass for Cheryl and Kristin. When I got in and saw that the room was full, we decided we weren't going to wait in the line (that would have taken Forever), and postponed that trip.

Instead, we headed over to Turkey Creek, but that got cut short as well, when more clouds started to move in and it got windy. =0/

We came back home and played a couple games, including Uno Stacko (a combination of Jenga and Uno)

Cheryl making her move

At noon we met Wendi for lunch at Boathouse Landing. Cheryl "knows" Wendi pretty well from reading her blog, so it was cool for her to get to meet her in real life. =)

Good food and good company

In the afternoon, we went over to Beall's, where Cheryl and Kristin found good deals on a bunch of stuff. The most interesting purchase (in my opinion)? Kristin's miniature chocolate alligators. =)

Keenan snuggling, after waking up from his too short nap...

Wearing Kristin's hat

We had dinner (minus Philip, who is still not home as I write this) =0/ and then Kristin and I went to Blockbuster and Dairy Queen (while Cheryl stayed here with Keenan). I decided to try the Peanut Butter Butterfinger blizzard, and it's quite delicious!

Us goofing around

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Loree Arrington said...

Hey Joia! Ask them why they brought the Artic Air with them? It was 70 over the weekend??? Seriously, hope ya'll enjoy the area - make sure to hit the beach - even if it's COLD!!