Monday, February 18, 2008

Cajun Night

We had a Great evening with our friends tonight, and the food was awesome! I tried both the seafood and the chicken/sausage gumbo. Unfortunately, since I have a cold, it was a little hard to taste the seafood one, but the spice in the chicken one made it through okay! =)

Jodi made a great salad and Tiffany made a "King cake" for dessert. I had never had it before, but it was super good, and there was a tiny baby Jesus hidden inside. Apparently whoever gets the baby has to make the cake next year.

Chef for the evening, Kacey

John grilling some veggies (for once, He's not the main chef!)

Keenan and William making a huge mess of John and Wendi's movie drawer
(Wendi says they're allowed)

Sweet baby Della
(how cute is she??)

Look at how Keenan is posing! =)

Matt (with Big Bird - who has apparently had too much to drink)

Scrubs, who was such a good boy, even though he didn't get to come out and join the party

Aha, a picture of William picking on Keenan! =)
(They both pick on each other all the time)

Scrubs and I in a self taken photo

Apparently Scrubs was in a very "kissy" mood

.... and the food!!

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