Friday, February 15, 2008

Birthday continued...

Philip was done in good time this evening, so after some birthday calls we picked up dinner at Jim'n'Nicks (yum!) and then stopped by DQ for his Oreo Blizzard cake (Wendi, stop drooling!) =)
That's a stethoscope on the cake, in case you can't tell.. =)

Philip's first birthday as a Dad!

Keenan finishing the last few drops of my Martinelli's last night
(what a kid)

Here's a video I call "Keenan vs. the mechanical bug" (it's a little bit longish, but I think it's cute)

Keenan's in bed now, so we're going to watch a movie and slice into that DQ cake. The box says that it should feed 8-10 people....whatever! =)

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