Friday, February 29, 2008

They've returned to the Polar North...

Cheryl and Kristin flew home this morning. =0/ It sure seems quiet around here, with just Keenan and I. I think Keenan misses having some other people around to entertain him! =) We had a great week with both of them, and hope that they had a good time too.

Their last dinner with us

Keenan as he woke up this morning

On the drive to Pensacola, we noticed these two jet trails in the sky. It kind of looks like they almost collided! At any rate, doesn't it seem like the guy on the left was Really going the wrong way at first??

Here's video of Keenan yesterday at the museum. It was the first time we'd convinced him to walk while wearing shoes!

We're still waiting for Philip to get home. He is definitely looking forward to the weekend and getting to catch up on some sleep and just relax! It's been a long haul these past few weeks...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last day before the Baileys bail out...

Today was a little warmer than yesterday, and not quite so windy, so the weather was actually pretty enjoyable.

This morning we went to the Air Armament Museum so Kristin and Cheryl could take some pictures of the planes, etc.

Keenan's miniature "crocs" with Kristin's
(Laura, the camo ones that you guys bought him fit now too!)

Kristin holding up a plane

...and with a huge bomb

Keenan in a bomber jacket

That's for sure!

After lunch, we went to Uptown Station in Fort Walton Beach for a while. One of the stores we visited was the Party Store (to get stuff for Keenan's birthday). Apparently being around Kristin makes me wish for my younger days or something...

Oh ya, we're cool...


I told Philip that I chose this hat specially for him, but... he didn't think it was that hot

"... it's 5:00 somewhere"

Keenan trying on a First birthday hat

Next stop was Tropical Smoothie Cafe (where I got an Amazing Strawberry Banana Peach smoothie)... so good! Then we went to the Landing and walked around for a while.

I thought she looked lonely and thirsty...

Keenan amused himself by pushing the stroller all over the park

A beautiful shot Kristin took

Me and my little man

Cute ducks

Playing hide and seek

I thought the water looked so pretty with the sun on it
(and I even got the American flag flying well!)

Kristin giving Keenan some steering assistance

Kristin and Cheryl

Do people Really not know this??

Another cool bronze figure

Yet another random pretty flower from our yard

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our day in Destin

We had brunch this morning with the girls at Andrea's. Since Wendi and Tiffany are away, it was Andrea, Sarah, Jodi and the three of us. Andrea made an Amazing quiche (that had TONS of cheese in it), as well as "warm out of the oven" banana bread. Sarah made blueberry scones, and I made cheesecake for dessert.

Andrea's little guy, Jonathan, immediately took a liking to Cheryl and kept bringing her toys, sitting on her lap, and wanting to eat her food! It was very sweet. =)

After we left Andrea's, we headed to Destin. (I actually forgot my camera so Kristin let me use hers). We hit several beach stores so they could get some souvenirs. After that we went to the beach (even though the weather was pretty cool) and took pictures and then stopped at Sonic for drinks before heading to Baytowne Wharf.

We had a good time walking around, looking at the boats, and taking fun pictures, before heading back into Destin to go to Destin Commons.

Keenan trying on some sunglasses (gotta love the tag in front of his nose!)

The four of us at the beautiful beach

This sure beats the -12 degree weather back home!

Keenan and I

"Palm tree proof" that they actually came to Florida! =)

In the tree fort at Baytowne Wharf

Kristin (after her "mishap" getting into the big chair)
She actually sat down and then slid all the way down to the bottom of the seat! She was laughing so hard she almost couldn't get back out!

"Do you need any help?" (notice I'm holding her shoe, which had fallen off during the ordeal)

All right... five minutes later, we were actually both situated for the picture

Cute chairs for a quick break

Us at the playground

Kristin and Cheryl chillin' in front of the fountain

Keenan trying to reach the water

Humorous quote on the fountain

Squinting into the sun

Fun shot

"Captain Kristin" sets sail at Destin Commons

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day two with the Baileys

The weather hasn't really cooperated for us today. Since it was a little rainy and cloudy we decided we'd go check out the base, but they were being sticky and made us go inside for a pass for Cheryl and Kristin. When I got in and saw that the room was full, we decided we weren't going to wait in the line (that would have taken Forever), and postponed that trip.

Instead, we headed over to Turkey Creek, but that got cut short as well, when more clouds started to move in and it got windy. =0/

We came back home and played a couple games, including Uno Stacko (a combination of Jenga and Uno)

Cheryl making her move

At noon we met Wendi for lunch at Boathouse Landing. Cheryl "knows" Wendi pretty well from reading her blog, so it was cool for her to get to meet her in real life. =)

Good food and good company

In the afternoon, we went over to Beall's, where Cheryl and Kristin found good deals on a bunch of stuff. The most interesting purchase (in my opinion)? Kristin's miniature chocolate alligators. =)

Keenan snuggling, after waking up from his too short nap...

Wearing Kristin's hat

We had dinner (minus Philip, who is still not home as I write this) =0/ and then Kristin and I went to Blockbuster and Dairy Queen (while Cheryl stayed here with Keenan). I decided to try the Peanut Butter Butterfinger blizzard, and it's quite delicious!

Us goofing around

Monday, February 25, 2008

Some fellow Canadians!

Cheryl and Kristin arrived today. I actually managed to get to Pensacola and back without getting lost (it's really a pretty easy drive, I've just never done it myself before).

We came back here, had lunch, and then we all had naps (woohoo!) This evening we had dinner at Chili's. The Canadians were very sneaky and stole the check before we could get it!

Keenan being his usual shy self with Cheryl and Kristin

At Chili's

Keenan's take out box hat

We're hoping to get out and do some fun stuff the next couple days. Not sure what we'll be able to do tomorrow if it rains (maybe tour the base).