Monday, January 7, 2008

You call this Winter???

Well, all the snow is melting here, and the temperature was 55 today! I guess my "winter fix" is over...

I am really starting to miss Philip. We realized this morning that it's actually closer to eleven days that Keenan and I are gone, not ten. Philip found that to be depressing, I think. However, now that he's back to work, I'm sure he won't have much time to miss us before we're home again.

Keenan and I went to visit Ada (and Nicki, the dog) this afternoon. I got to see wedding pictures, as well as the ones from their cruise. Keenan enjoyed getting into lots of things he wasn't supposed to, and watching the dog through the window.

This evening, we all came to London to Mark and Rebekah's house (where I'm blogging from now) for dinner. It was Delicious!! It was fun to just get to hang out, and Keenan loved playing with his cousins and "chasing" Shaelyn around.

I'm not able to upload pictures right now, so I'll try post them tomorrow.

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Samantha said...

I dont often feel homesick for Michigan, but when I read your blog I sure miss you guys! One thing i totally regret is that i chose to focus on problems, rather than enjoying life with our small group and you guys, of course! But, I am thankful for the time we had, and I love your blog. I actually read it regularly. Happy new year!