Sunday, January 27, 2008

We've got our Philip back

Philip is back home this morning, after a fairly eventful night (including a delivery in the parking lot!) He's off to bed now for a while, so it's back to Keenan and me. =)

Last night, when we took Philip dinner, we actually got to spend some time with him for a change! We watched a bit of "Deal or No Deal" (I think people get so greedy on that show), and then Philip took us into the OB ward to meet some of the nurses he was working with. Of course, the time that I Didn't have my camera with me... Keenan was sitting on the nurse's laps, "typing" on the computer keyboard, coloring with crayons, getting a "bandage" on his wrist and head (that made him look like a ninja), playing with their flashlight, name badges, and whatever else he could get his chubby hands on. We hung out with the nurses for quite a while, even while Philip was going back and forth doing stuff. It was really fun!

Yesterday, while trying to figure out things to keep Keenan entertained, and get things done at the same time... I decided (since he had done it halfway before), that, each time I came up from the basement with a load of laundry, instead of carrying him And the basket, I'd let him climb the stairs himself! He did it Three times yesterday, without my help (I was standing right behind him, of course, so he couldn't fall). It's good practice and exercise for him, and it helps him nap well! =)

I should go and make sure Keenan isn't into anything he shouldn't be, and that he's not waking Philip up...

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