Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tofu, anyone?

Yes, you read that right, I said tofu! I, Joia, cooked a meal using tofu today! I bought it yesterday (it's actually pretty cheap!), thinking I'd see if Keenan liked it, since it would be easy for him to eat, and it's a good source of protein. He doesn't like the feel of it in his hands, but if I mix it into other stuff, he doesn't notice that it's there.

Anyway, I didn't figure he was going to eat the whole package I bought, so I went searching online today for some tofu recipes that I could use some of it in. I discovered that you can use it many different ways, but liked the idea of marinating it and using it in a stir fry. Here's how that went:

The tofu in my "secret marinade" (aka, a mish mosh of anything I could think of to put in it)

Browning the tofu

Toss in some veggies...

... and voila! A tasty tofu stir fry (served over brown rice)

"... that's all the time we've got today folks! This has been Experimenting in the Kitchen with Joia, tune in next time to see Joia make creme brulee!" (That's a joke).

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Mom E said...

Joia, forgot to tell you that this looked really good. did you like it?