Saturday, January 19, 2008

Three day weekend!!

Philip has a three day weekend, since Monday is a holiday! Woohoo!

Today was spent mostly hanging out here at the house. We went out for a bit this morning and picked up "Santa Clause 3" to watch tonight.

I got started on my scrapbooking, and Philip has been working on our taxes (fun, fun, fun!)

We are continually amazed at the new things that Keenan is learning, and have spent a lot of time just watching (and laughing at) him today. =) He just learned how to turn on a light switch on and off! =)

This is Keenan's "Wilson" impression

And here's some silly pictures of Philip and Keenan...

"Daddy, take the picture, I can't hold you up any longer!"

A freaky looking Philip... and Keenan holding his twin's hand

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Mom & Isaac said...

Isaac and I are looking at this now, and it's hysterical! It brought back fun memories of when we visited and did our funny faces on your computer! What fun! So glad you are getting some much needed "down" time. We love you!