Thursday, January 3, 2008

Stayin' with the Dooleys

So, we do indeed have internet access here at the Dooleys, so, yay for posting!
Keenan and I have had a delightful first half day here in Farmington Hills. He and I spent the afternoon here by ourselves, getting settled in and aquainted with Jack (the Akida).
When Aunt Toni and the kids got home, he got a couple cool presents, played with the kids, and then we went out for dinner with Aunt Toni's mom before dropping Megan off for volleyball practice. The kids are especially enjoying having Keenan around, and I think he is really enjoying having someone else to entertain him besides me. =)
When we got back here, Keenan and I headed over to visit my friends, the Tregers, who conventiently live only about seven minutes from here. I hadn't seen them since we moved, so it was great to get to spend some time with their family. They brought out a ton of toys for Keenan to play with. He really wanted to play with Emily's doll, so Elizabeth got a couple other ones out and presented them to him, but... (as though he were being judged on his "boyness" or something), he turned away, grabbed a plastic bowl and started pounding it on another toy instead! LOL!
For some reason, I can't figure out how to organize my pictures on this computer, so they are in the reverse order....

At the Tregers - Emily with Keenan

Ginger (the dog) Daryl, Emily, Marleigh, Elizabeth and Jordan

Poor Keenan doesn't get any attention.. =)

A pretty snowy street near Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's

Keenan and Jack (he wasn't too sure at first about this huge "furry horse!")

Yup, lots of snow...

Keenan with Megan,Aunt Toni, Emma, and Liam

All bundled up again...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joia!

I just googled Sushi Siam Destin Commons and your blog comes up. It was from the night we all had sushi and Keenan sat in Santa's lap. Thought it was pretty funny and wanted to let you know. Hope you're having a great trip!