Sunday, January 13, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

The three of us have pretty much just spent the day enjoying being back together again. I still haven't really unpacked much, and don't plan to until tomorrow. I also still need to take down our Christmas tree and all of our decorations, since there wasn't time between our return home from Merritt Island, and our departure for the snowy lands.

We've taken several naps, had (delicious) leftover ribs from dinner at Ruby Tuesday last night, and played a lot with Keenan.

This afternoon we went to the park on Eglin so Keenan could go on the swings and get some fresh air. Clay, one of the other residents, was also there with his two children.

My brother, Andrew, called from Mexico and we chatted for quite a while. He's having a good time, getting lots of work done, eating lots of good food, and taking some cool pictures (he saw a tarantula yesterday, yuck!)

Yesterday after I changed Keenan's diaper, Philip was holding him up on his shoulder while I pulled Keenan's pants up. They didn't seem to be going on very well, and when we turned him around... we realized that both of his feet had gone in one pant leg! LOL!

Poor kid =)
(Philip was obviously still pretty tired, post nights)

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