Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rainy wainy day...

Keenan and I went to MOPS this morning. It was our first in quite a while, with the Christmas break and us missing the first one in January since we were gone. Keenan had a good time (as usual) playing with the other babies and forced himself to stay awake the entire two and a half hours (even though he was ready to sleep when we first got there!) He was asleep by the time we left the parking lot afterwards though.. =) It was fun to reconnect with my friends there, eat some good food, and make a cool Mardi Gras mask!

After that, we went and visited Jodi (who was babysitting Della) for a while, until it was time to get Philip. (He took us home and drove back to work so I won't have to wake Keenan up at 10:30 tonight to go pick him up from work).

I got all of our Christmas pictures into a scrapbook today. Philip's mom gave me a "cheater scrapbook" I call it, for Christmas. It's a special Christmas album, and all of the pages are already decorated, you just have to add your pictures! It was awesome! Bam! I'm done!

That's about all I have to say (Oh, other than the fact that Philip apparently tolerated Anne of Green Gables so well that he wanted to see more, so he added the sequel to our Blockbuster Online list, and we started watching it last night.. lol)
Oh, also, we Loved Santa Clause 3, especially all of the Canadian stuff! =)

Here's a picture of Keenan from last night, trying out Philip's stethoscope:
"I'd much rather chew on these than put them in my ears, Mom"

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