Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Keenan and I are spending the weekend "Philip-less", and it's not nearly as much fun without him!

I made a decent amount of progress scraping wallpaper during Keenan's morning nap. With the wallpaper steamer on and the door closed, the bathroom gets feeling like a sauna pretty fast, so it's hot work! Now, if I could just leave the steamer on, put my bathing suit on and find a comfy place to sit, it wouldn't be so bad... =)

It's been raining on and off all day, so by the time afternoon arrived, Keenan and I were feeling a little "cabin feverish". He had really enjoyed playing with bubbles at Sarah's house yesterday, so I decided we should venture out and get some. We found some at the local Dollar General, as well as a replacement for his "trusty lizard buddy", who after being chewed on for several months, was starting to show some signs of wear and tear, and needed to be replaced. I also got Keenan his own "cell phone", which rings and beeps when you push the buttons.

When we got back, it wasn't raining anymore, so we decided to pop over for a visit with Frank and Myrtle. Our timing couldn't have been better, as Myrtle had just taken a fresh pound cake out of the oven! She gave us a piece while it was still warm, which I (and Keenan) thoroughly enjoyed. We had a nice visit, during which Keenan danced with Myrtle, and Frank told us a story (since Keenan had his lizard there) about how he used to catch big salamanders to use as bait for catfish. Myrtle assured me that, should I ever need anything, or if I'm scared at night when Philip is gone, I can just give them a call, "because we've got a shotgun and we could get over there before 911!" =) They're so sweet... She sent us home with some oatmeal cookies and some more of the pound cake. We really do have the best neighbors ever...

Pretty soon, we'll be heading over to the hospital to take Philip his dinner, and hopefully be able to visit with him for a while.

Here's Keenan's new lizard saying "Hey!"
(he was actually falling off Keenan's head when I took the picture).
I decided to get blue this time, and maybe it wouldn't look so freakishly real...

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Mom E said...

And I noticed you were wearing pink nail polish on your toes too! Was that the "To Dive for Pink", by chance? ;-)

The flying lizard was so funny too!

As you can tell, I'm catching up again, so at some point does the blog header change out of this Really Pink stuff? sorry for my 'blog ignorance'.

Mom E